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So aside from having a DA Account I have a Youtube account. I have just posted this video yesterday… I take Requests too, so you can tell which characters you wanna see in a fight. 1 v 1, 2 v 2, or a Free For All with 3 or 4 people. And if you are interested here are my Created Fighters… So leave a Request if you want. Spider Out

A Wake Up Call

Autobot base

My Pov

Two days after the M.E.C.H. incident, Airachnid was put in her cell last night as we were told. Now she sits in the corner with her cuffed hands resting on her knees. I some way I felt bad for her that she has nothing to rest on, well the cell was an empty room the bots did not used. Anyway, me and G-Force were felling board at the house so we decided to grace everyone with our presence, and by that, I mean just sitting around and playing video games on my PS4.

When we arrived, half the team was on a scouting mission while the rest were at the base. The others kids were here too, this was their last week of school before the summer stared and all were working on their homework. Ratchet was working on the console, Bee was with Raf, and Arcee was Jack having a small conversation. While Miko was nowhere to be seen.

"Uh guys, where Miko?"

"She went out with Bulkhead, dune bashing again" Raf replied

"Of course she did" I said as went up to the TV and began setting up my stuff.

"G-Force" Ratchet called out "I need you to bring Airachnid her energon for today." He said as he handed G-Force the energon, "3rd hallway door on the right, passcode 4126, Go" He finished as he went back to the console. G-Force looked at the cube of energon before he had a nasty idea to avoid duty.

"Yo, Justin" he called out. "You wanna' do me a favor"

"What kind favor?" I asked as I walked over to him and leaned over the rail.

"Take this to Airachnid" He said showing me the energon cube.

"Why?" I questioned. G-force leans closers to me.

"Don't ya wanna see your girlfriend" he whispered, and smiled.

"G, I swear to god, I will hurt you if you say that again, and no, Im not doing your job" I replied.

"Oh, well if that's the case, I could tell Arcee about how you really like about Airachnid" he smiled back. My heart skipped a beat. I could not let Arcee find out, I don't know how she would react. But I think she would not take it likely. I would bet Arcee would take to the training room and make me be the punch bag.

"Arcee come on, I said I just find her pretty" I said back away from a very pissed off Arcee.

"You're the only reason she alive at this point, if it was up to me, I would have her offlined by now. Now hold still, I want this to hurt really badly." Arcee said as she charged at me with her fists up.

"Fine… I'll do it, but you better not say anything… For your sake."

'Lazy Fuck'

I changed my size and walked down the hallway were G-Force told me to.

I entered the room and found Airachnid in the corner as usual.

"Hey" I said in a low tone. Airachnid looked up and saw me.

"What do you want?" she asked as she lower her head.

"I've come by with some energon, Doc says you need it." I said as I placed it down beside her

"I don't need you're pity" Airachnid said still with her head in her knees.

"This ain't pity, this is your rations for the day, if you don't take it you could go into stasis."
"Who cares, nobody wants me alive anyways, I expect in a few days I shall be executed for all my crimes" Airachnid said.

"I don't think the Autobots are capable of execution, not while Optimus is here." I replied

"How do you know?" She asked.

I stopped and think for a second, if that really did happen, I don't think I would be comfortable with that. I looked down at Airachnid, she had lost all freedom as an Ex con/ Hunter. I thought back to the events that happened a few days ago, wondering how her wounds were. I sat down next to her in the same position.

"I meant to ask you…how your wounds are healing up?"

"Why do you care?" still with her head resting on her knees.

"Im just wondering? 'Sides that was something that we survived, when it should have killed us."

Airachnid turned her head towards me and looked at me for a few seconds before putting her legs out and rising her arms a little, I could see the scar that was left behind from the wound, it was pretty long, and I felt bad for her.

"I must admit, your medical officer did a wonderful job in patching me up, a wonder why he didn't just leave me on the slab to bleed out is the question"

"Cause he was following orders Airachnid. Doctors heal, Well… in Knockouts case, it's more of, 'healing is not as rewarding as the hurting' type of doctor. Airachnid smiled a bit at the statement.

"Yeah… but now my life is over, Im gonna spend the rest of my life in this cell."

"Well… that could change" I said unsurely.

"What do you mean" she asked.

"Well I mean it is a pretty farfetched idea, maybe… you could… join us?" I shrugged my arms.

Airachnid looked at me like she wanted to slap me. "Are you really blind? In case you forgot, I've done somethings that are unspeakable to the Autobots. Torture, Interogation, and Assassination… The last thing they would do is let me in, even if I am no longer part of the Decepticons."
"Well… would you ever go back to the Decepticons?" I questioned her. Airachnid looked at me puzzled, would she every go back to the faction she left for reasons only she knew.

"I...I don't know... I left their little 'boys' club when I was the only femme on the ship, since the other femme where under the command of General Strika, who were on missions when Cybertron went dark, finishing off any forces left. Since then I was the only Femme to exceed Megatron's expectations, and was place as third in command.

"Well Im not the one to change your mind, you could do whatever you please." I replied as I stood and headed for the door and opened it, but stopped half way. "Listen Airachnid, it was just a suggestion, it's your life, and you can chose what you want to do." I said as I left and closed the door behind me, I headed back to the main area where G-Force was already playing, sitting down in his holoform on the couch. I smiled and join my friend.

Story Pov

Airachnid was left to think to herself again, her mind racing at the options that were present in front of her, but, she simply could not decide what to do. She was simply lost in thought. I wasn't before long, she looked down at the energon cube in front of her. She picked it up and drink the energon. And soon she fell into long rest mode.

After a while she began to have vivid dreams, Very vivid Nightmares.

Airachnid dreamed she was in the Pits. And was listing to the cries of her pass victims. The cries of agony as she was in a fetal position clutching her head.

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" she cried out to the voices but they just got louder.

Soon she found herself being hanged up by her arms, and lifted off the ground. The cries soon turned into laughs of insanity resembling her laugh.

She then felt a force on her neck as her head was lifted slightly as she looked and saw a shadow of herself, with blades ready to strike, with one aiming at her throat.

"No, Please…" She begged. But her cried fell deaf upon the shadow as it trust it's blade into her throat.

Next thing she knew she was in a white room with no surroundings

She sighed. 'Why am i having these Nightmares?" she thought

"Because you are at a crossroad Airachnid" A new voice rang out in the room.

Airachnid looked around to try to find the source of the voice but it could not be found.

"Who are you" she asked out into the darkness.

"The one who has come to make a deal with you, Airachnid."

Airachnid turned around and was greeted with the sight of one of the Primes, Solus Prime herself.

"S-Solus Prime?" Airachnid questioned.

"Greeting Airachnid, I trust you slept well?" Solus grinned.

"You think this is a joke" Airachnid anger peeked, Solus chuckled at her anger.

"Oh Airachnid, I know about you nightmares, and I know all about you. You see alot of bots want to see you suffer a horrible fate Airachnid, and one that is as terrible as the pain you inflected upon those who unfortualty crossed paths with you."

"I was following orders" Airachnid barked back.

"Following orders and committing mass killings across Cybertron are two different things Airachnid, anyway that's not why Im here. I and the other Primes are willing to give you a second chance Airachnid, change your ways before it is too late, Or else the tortured souls will torment you in hell for the rest of time

Airachnid felt an emotion she had not felt in a lifetime: Fear. Her spark raced faster and faster, the vivid nightmares flashed once again over and over.

"The only thing I can say to you Airachnid is… Change your ways and walk down a new path, one that will bring happiness and peace in your life. I hope you make the right decision." Solus said as everything faded away.

Airachnid shot up from her sleep as she vented out heavy and shaky. Her spark beating at an alarming rate, and her system in cooldown. She looked around and noticed she was in her cell, she checked her internal clock.

1:00 AM

Airachnid looked around one last time before she fell back in sleep mode, as small trails of tears fell from her eyes.

End Of Chapter

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What do you think about Airachnid Nightmare

Transformers Prime - A Teenager with A Gift (CH16)
I knew my life change after I moved to Jasper But I never could imagine how much of a change it would be after I meet this robot from space and gained these weird powers. Were both suddenly dragged into a age old war. And well be glad to help those who are here to protect us Rated T for cursing. and very funny moments. OC IS ME (Self Insert). MY TRANSFORMER OC's Belong to me


June 1st (Month)

Appalachian Mountains



Silas and his team had just recently picked up a weird energy reading on their scanner. He and a few selected men had joined him. Armed with custom made rifles to help bring down Transformers, he went to collect his prize.

"Suppression fire only, we take this one alive" He said. He and his team continued to walk until a noise from behind made them turn around. Silas's men started to shoot and the black blur that was moving quickly between the trees Silas took a random shot to his left and watch as the blur just dodged his blaster fire. His team continued to lay down fire until the blur disappeared into a gulch. His team followed, with his specially crafted night vision googles, he noticed something, a white sticky residue on the surface of the rocks, this was no ordinary bot.

"Tight Formation" His team followed him down

The slowly walked down the narrow path, noticing more of the web like material as they progressed. They followed the narrow path towards the signal, but when they got close, it suddenly disappeared. Silas they heard his men scream out, he turned around to find his men stuck to a giant spider web above him. He stood there until he felt ruble fall onto his goggles. He pointed up and fired a shot but missed its intended target. He was grabbed and tossed against the rock being tied up by Spider webs.

"Don't tell me M.E.C.H. would consider an open channel distress signal from an injured Decepticon might be a trap." A silky smooth voice said as it brought her finger under Silas's chin. The voice belonged to the Ex-con, Airachnid.

"Ill bear that in mind next time" He responded.

Airachnid chuckled. "Next time? Decepticon radio chatter is all abuzz about the work over you gave poor Breakdown. As an Ex Con myself, I really should eviscerate you for that." Airachnid paused for a second "But, an old acquaintance and her nasty little human destroyed my ship and skinned my knee. I need to pay them back in kind, both of them. You see, I may get in and out places most Decepticons can't, but I'm still learning to navigate this planet." She said as she moved her face closer to the man.

"What's in it for M.E.C.H.?" Silas asked in question

"I'll let you live. And since you came to collect a 'transformer' was it? I'll throw in whatever is left of Arcee, after I've broken her" She grinned.


Darby House

10:30 P.M.

After a long day of hang out with Arcee. Driving together, pulling wheelies, and breaking the speed limit, they decide to head home since it was dark out. Jack being a nice kid decide to 'walk' her home and talk to her. And since no one was around, no one questioned it. Jack was wearing dark blue navy jeans and a grey shirt, with black and white canvas shoes.

"Thanks for walking me home Jack, you're a real gentlemen" Arcee said though her vehicle mode. Jack blushed at the compliment

"I don't want you revved up before bedtime" Jack said releasing the kickstand and went to open the garage door. "Mom's a light sleeper, I don't think she'll understand-"

"Understand what Jack?" Jack turned around to find his mother in the garage with her arms crossed and a very angered expression. "You breaking curfew for the third time this month?"

"Mom?" Jack said in surprised as he took a step back.

"Or why your boss called about you missing another shift at work." She continued. Or maybe the email I received from your art-history teacher that you have been falling asleep in class."

"Well two words mom, art and history..." Jack tried to find an excuses, but none, June's face soften a bit.

"Tell me the rumors aren't true Jack. Tell me you're not racing that motorcycle" June said concerned

"No, wait where did you here that?" Jack said in disbelief

"Small town people talk." June went back into her strict mother self again "I work in an emergency room Jack, I've seen what can happen. Please tell me you haven't fallen in with the wrong crowd" June worried

"N-No, my friends are the good crowd" Jack stuttered,

"I let you have that bike because you convince me that you were mature enough to handle it. But I think you may need a gentle reminder" June said getting very serious

"Message received mom, loud and clear. I'm glad we had this talk." He tried to rush the conversation quicker, but his mom stopped him one last time.

"I MENT, let's see if a few weeks without your motorcycle will do the trick."

"Bu-'' Jack tried to reason, but when he saw his mother face, it was a no.

"No Butts, you are grounded from everything besides work and school, and if you want to take a bike to ether, you'll pedal" June gestured to the 10 speed

"Serious face Jack, if see that bike out of the garage..." June stop to plant a kiss on her son's head "Now go wash up and get some sleep, I love you" she said as she when inside.

'I'll miss you while you're grounded." Arcee said

"Don't worry Arcee, ill visit you here everyday"

"Uh…Jack, I won't be here. Sitting on my fat tires for a week is not an option." She replied as Jack walked her into the garage.

"No no, y-you saw mom's serious face." Jack argued. "Look, Arcee, I feel badly enough that I have to lie to her all this time, but, if you're not here…she going to think Im blowing her off"

"Deep breaths Jack. Your mom works late nights, I'll try to be back in the garage before she gets home, but… no promises."


The next day Jack had managed to dodge bullets when Mom came home early one night. So he told her everything, but she didn't believe a word, At least she thinks it not real which keep the secret longer. But for how long?


Unknown Location

"Your ships black-box gained some serious damage in the explosion. But our software was able to reconstruct some of the security feed" Silas said watch the footage as it zoomed in on Jack igniting the ship.

"That's him. My Jack" Airachnid said.

"Our facial recognition will send Jack's image across the web.

Another kind of web" He said as the results came in.

"Ahh, the mother-load" Silas said in triumph

"Government database? Airachnid asked curiously

"Social networking page. Facebook. Everything worth knowing about Jack Darby is right here. Age 16, Jasper Nevada, Mother: June Darby: A nurse…"

9:30 P.M.

Jasper Hospital

June had finished her late shift at the and was ready to head home, she walked to her car noticing that the Parking lot was empty except for a few emergency vehicles and other doctors cars.

"Maybe I'm being too hard on Jack. But he lied to me. And the only way he's going is-"

June didn't finish her sentence as van pulled up next to her and the side door open as a M.E.C.H agent knocked her out with a tazer(Or something IDK LOL)

11:15 P.M

Justin/Me Pov


I decide to get of the house since G-Force was on a mission he got called too a few minutes ago. So I grab my mountain bike and headed down to the 7 Eleven on the south side of town. I was wearing a white T-shirt and long black track pants, and black shoes. I had just walked out with a skittles bag and mounted my bike. "I don't know why but, I never knew Skittles tasted so good" I said putting a hand full in my mouth. 'That's what she said'. I look to my right and see Jack and Arcee heading out towards the factories and train yards. 'The hell? Jack's mom doesn't even let Jack out after 10, even on weekends. Well because he has a job, but still.'

"Something not right" I said 'I just got that gut feeling. 'I better follow them' I though as I took the last bit of skittles.

I pedaled as hard and fast as I can.

I saw how Jack and Arcee pulled into the cement factory and then, a few seconds later I heard gun fire 'OH SHIT!' I thought. I quickly made my way to the back and went in threw the gate door. I looked to see that one of the warehouses lights are on.

I took the opportunity to get closer, I could faintly hear voices. As so as I was close to the back of the warehouse and out my head against it.

"Im still learning about human kind, but one thing is clear to me Jack, you people care deeply about family, therefore the sweetest revenge I could possibly devise, would be to make you watch as I take your family apart."

'What the hell? Since when did Airachnid come here' I thought

"If You Hurt My Mother Ill-"

'Jack?' I thought

"You remember how much I enjoy sport, don't you Jack? So I'll give you the opportunity to save your mother, I've stash her close by. If you can rescue her before the stroke of 12. I will let both of go, unharmed. Deal?"

"And If I can't? Jack asked

"What do you think?" she said. I could hear footsteps

"Please do let her do this. You can let us go, we won't tell anyone." Jack begged to someone

"Enough" said the voice which I so recognized as Silas

'M.E.C.H here too?' I thought in disbelief

"Yes Jack, Man up already…6 minutes.

I saw Jack run out of the warehouse calling for his mother, and soon Airachnid started to follow. I stayed in the shadows hiding myself.

'If this bitch goes too far, I'm putting her down' I though as I made the 'Selector' and choose my fighting style. Martial Arts. 'I only need this for now'

'I know you're not going to play fair this time so I got myself something extra. I smiled to myself.

Few Minutes Later

Story POV

"MOM" Jack shouted after Airachnid gave Jack a hint as to where his mom was, she was on top of the Cement tower hanging by Airachnid's web. Jack climb to the top the tower to rescue his mother. By that time June was wide awake.

"What are you doing here? Who are these people? How'd I get in this mess?" she asked in shock

"Don't worry Mom, I'm gonna get you out" Jack said as he reached her.

Airachnid climb up next to Jack and June. June was terrified.

"Jack! The robots are real?"

"I BEAT YOUR DEADLINE!" Jack shouted to Airachnid was climbed above him

"'Fraid not Jack. The task wasn't for you to find your mother. You had to rescue her-" She smiled, as Jack went pale.


-And times up… Now" Airachnid fired a web which caught Jack arm making him unable to do anything.

"Take a seat sit back and enjoy the horror show" she said as she crossed her legs.

Jack tried with all his might to get free from the web, but it was impossible. Airachnid chuckled at his desperation. She leaned in closer to him

"You know Jack, she's your Mom, Why should I have all the fun? She said hang above Jack.

"So you get to choose agonizing or excruciating" she said as she spat acid at Jack only to miss him by a little, and hitting the railing. Jack grabbed the pole and tried to pry the web off of him, still useless. Airachnid chuckled at his pathetic attempt

"Well Jack, if you won't decide" Airachnid said getting in front of June who went pale in fear. "I guess its ladies choice" she smiled

"Mom, I'm sorry" Jack said on the verge of tears.

Airachnid slowly moved her hand in front of June ready to cut her. June already had tears rolling down her cheek. It looked like it was over, Jack would lose both his Mother, and his partner/friend.


Jack looked up after the loud bang to see Airachnid clutching her left arm with her right hand. Clenching her teeth together and growling in pain. She removed her hand to see it cover in her blood. She look to where the shot came from and found Justin in Cybertronian size holding an L96A1 in his hands with the muzzle still smoking from the shot.

"YOU!" Airachnid said her voice dripping with venom and hatred

Jack: Justin!

June: Justin? They both said

"Hey Airachnid, Did ya miss me?" He replied with an evil smile.

Airachnid looked to Justin then back to Jack and June "I'll deal with you two later." She said as she jumped down and landed on her feet. "I am going to claw your heart out, right here, right now" she said as she approached him

"Do you remember what happened last time Airachnid, I won our little fight, and this time, I will make sure you don't walk away from this" Justin replied as he got serious.

"Actually, how about I do this" Airachnid shot a web at Justin which made contact with his face. He started to struggle and try to pull it off, as he carried on he's breathing became more rapid and let out a muffled cry. Airachnid started to chuckle.

"Sorry, I forgot that you human need to breathe" She then continued to chuckle until Justin got down on his hands and knees, still trying to rip the web off only managing to free his right eye. He soon fell on his back lying motionless. Airachnid laughed out loud.

"No" Jack and June whispered. Airachnid walked over to Justin's lifeless body.

"Aww, and to think I actually enjoyed your company. Well since my trophies were destroyed, You, Jack, June, and Arcee, will become part of my collection. My new Earth collection" Airachnid bent down lift Justin off the ground and brought one of her limbs out her limb cocked back ready to strike at he's neck and the blade came close it stop dead. Airachnid looked and saw Justin's hand garb it inches from his neck. This caught Airachnid by surprise.

"Ever heard the term 'Playing Dead?' Justin said. With his left hand he punched Airachnid across the face making her stubble back. He removed the web. As Airachnid took her stance.

"I know you would take this to far Airachnid. Which is why I got a little surprise for you" Airachnid looked at Justin. The sounds of something mechanical moved. Airachnid saw metal spider limbs come out from Justin's back. They were similar to Airachnid only the color was black and red. Airachnid was almost impressed… Almost.

"Come on Bitch! Step to me… I dare you" Justin shouted. And so, Airachnid and Justin started to fight.

Arcee had just mange to free herself from the clutches of Silas and his men for taking her apart. What she saw when she came out really caught her by surprise. To see Justin with spider limbs fighting Airachnid was something she was not expecting nor seeing. But where was-

"ARCEE" She heard Jack call out to her. She looked up to see Jack holding on to his mother for dear life. She hurried as fast as she could. As she climb up Jack soon lost her grip on his mother. She fell. Arcee caught her

"Don't worry I got ya" She said.

"Jack? Your motorcycle?" she said in confusion

"I can explain… Wait I already did." Jack replied. He looked to Arcee and smiled, as he did back.

On the ground.

Justin and Airachnid have not let up on each other since the fight started, blood all over each other their blood on themselves and on each other, bruises and cuts too.

"I don't care if I kill Arcee, Jack, or his mother tonight, but I'm making sure you die tonight for ruining this for me" she growled. Both fighters are at a good distance from each other.

Just then Agent Fowler as well as The Army came in with Helicopters came over the Horizon and started to fire at Airachnid. She manage to block the bullets it. But it weaken her

"Looks like you're going to die here" Justin smiled. Airachnid looked to him

"Not if you die first" she responded with the last of her strength she charged at Justin. He saw this and Justin charged as well. Both bring a spider limb to strike.

As they got close to each other. They threw their blades at one another.



Arcee, Jack and June looked in horror and shock as the event unfolded in front of them.

Justin and Airachnid blades went right though each other's gut area. Both leaking lots of blood. Justin saw how none of his organs were out when he looked over his shoulder, which caused lots of pain. He looked at Airachnid's blade and saw the same result. They tried to remove each other limbs, but each move only brought more pain. As they cried out with every little movement

"I glad you'll be joining me in death" Airachnid whispered and smiled weakly at Justin.

"Why don't you go to hell" Justin whisper.

"I'll see you soon then" She replied as she went into stasis mode. She fell over bring Justin with her, as she hit the ground Justin passed out.

Arcee, Jack and his mom rushed over to the damage fighters on the brink of death.

"Now I can finally end her for what she has done to me" Arcee said as she brought out her blade, about to slice Airachnid neck.

"Arcee DON'T." Arcee looked over to Jack with a serious face "She is not worth it. Revenge is not worth it. Knowing your better than her shows you are stronger than her. Now call base so we can bring them in."

"What? WITH HER? SHE'S CAUSED ME NOTHIG BUT PAIN SINCE THE DAY I MET HER AND NOW YOU WANT ME TO HELP MY ENEMY" Arcee shouted in rage with energon tears flowing.

"DO IT ARCEE BEFORE THEY BOTH DIE" Jack shouted with tears in his eyes. Arcee had never seen this side of Jack before, nor does she ever. But with everything that has happened, and multiple people almost dying today… No one needs to die today. Arcee contacted base.

A split second later Ironhide and Jazz came through and help them through the bridge. Followed by the rest of the group

As they entered base, everyone was shocked to say the least. "By The Allspark" Ratchet whispered as Justin and Airachnid were placed on the medical berth

"Ratchet, can you fix them?" Optimus asked.

"I'll do the best I can, but I have no wisdom on the human body" he said as he got to work.

June then walked up next to the doctor, with a determined look on her face. "I believe I can be of assistance doctor."

Next Day

Morning 9:50 AM

Justin Pov

I slowly opened my eyes to see light 'Am I in heaven' I though. I slowly sat up. I place a hand over my wounded area and felt some sort of medical tape on wrapped around my body and felt bandages wrap around me. The spider limbs were gone.

"He's awake" I heard a familiar voice and saw G-force standing next to me I looked around to see everyone around me. I looked to the raised platform to see the other kids, Jack's mom and my parents. Mom crying that I was alive. And Dad smiling at me.

"Hey. How you feeling?" G-force asked

"I feel like shit." I gave I weak laugh, G-Force chuckled. Ratchet walked over to me. "The wound inflected on both of your bodies were deviating, it is a miracle you survived.

"Wait where is..."

I looked too my right and saw Airachnid still in stasis mode laying down with restraints around her.

"I've taken the liberty of disabling her weapons, so she can't cause harm or escape."

"We will keep her in custody until she is ready to talk. But for now, until her wounds are healed she will remain here." I saw Arcee closed her optics and walked away, down to her room. "Justin, what you did was brave. Saving Jack and June from Airachnid."

"Just being a good citizen is all" I smiled as he smiled back.

A moan was heard as we looked to see Airachnid waking up. She slowly opened her optics and looked around to see she was in the Autobot base, and had restraints on her.

"Morning sunshine." I joked

Airachnid tried to escape but no luck. Ratchet told her that he disabled her weapons. She gave up.

"You two rest now. Doctors' orders" Ratchet said as he went back to the console, and everyone else parted.

I looked to Airachnid who was looking at me. I smiled. I could still taste blood.

"Oh frag my life." She said as she laid her head back down.

Unknown Location

M.E.C.H. was yet again unsuccessful with their attempts to get any knowledge. But with the footage still in there database after last night was still saved. They were observing the human with unquestioned powers. Growing in size, weapons, and fighting skills, this was something that needed to be reviewed.

"Were going to have to keep an eye out for this one" Silas smiled

End Of Chapter

Please Know that your enthusiasms and support keeps this story alive and well

Please leave a Review, and feedback on what you think of this Chapter

Transformers Prime - A Teenager with A Gift (CH15)
I knew my life change after I moved to Jasper But I never could imagine how much of a change it would be after I meet this robot from space and gained these weird powers. Were both suddenly dragged into a age old war. And well be glad to help those who are here to protect us Rated T for cursing. and very funny moments. OC IS ME (Self Insert). MY TRANSFORMER OC's Belong to me


My Pov

After the events of Airachnid, the last couple of days, have really been a roller-coaster of shit.

Allow me to explain.

A few day after encountering Airachnid in the forest and nearing get killed. Ratchet discovered The Decepticon Worship and an Autobot emergency beacon at the same time, Arcee suggested that we should attack the cons when they least expect it. But Optimus wanted to check the beacon first, along with Ratchet, After the Two ventured inside the ship, hoping to find survivors, but what they found was the crew, but dead, Ratchet quickly noticed that ship was a Plague ship, they crew did not die on impact. Ratchet warned Optimus not to touch any, for the virus could still be active.

But the ship jerked and Opitmus looked up to see a bot dangling above him, which dropped a droplet of the virus into his optics, and became infected.

The plague was developed as part of the Decepticons' Biological Warfare Program, specifically by Megatron himself, and Ratchet thinks they might be able to find information in the Decepticon databases. Arcee and Bumblebee Groundbridged onto the Decepticon ship.

Both of them had made their way into the Medic ward of the ship and tried to find any cure on their database. They found nothing. But they did find Megatron. Alive… just barely.

Arcee was ready to finish Megatron off then and there, but Ratchet had a better idea—enter Megatron's brain and retrieve the plague cure. Ratchet knew of a procedure to create a cortical psychic patch.

Though such procedures have been banned by the Autobots for years, it will get them into Megatron's brain, and Bumblebee is willing to try it.

Long Story short.

Bumblebee managed to talk to Megatron and get the cure after almost being discovered by the rest of the Cons. Arcee managed to shoot Megatron at that last second and that was that.

We saved Optimus and it looked like Megatron died.

But Life on the other hand decided to give us the big old' Middle Finger and decide to let Megatron live.

How you may ask?

In another short summary.

Basically, what happened was, Megatron mind was inside Bumblebee after the patch, he somehow, find a way into his mind and began to take over Bee. And when least expected it, he Groundbridged back to the Nemesis and with a shard of Dark Energon, brought himself back to life.

Now I would have stepped in, and done something.


You know what, let's just move on like those two days never existed.

Last week of May


Story Pov

Starscream lies in the Nemesis's lab, having taken a severe pounding from Megatron. His leader pays a visit.

"Resting comfortably, Starscream?" Megatron asks. "Despite the extent of your injuries, my medical staff assures me that you shall make a rapid recovery."

"Hopefully every bit as rapid as your wrath is swift." Starscream coughed. Megatron laughed at the state of his second in command.

"And how swiftly things change. To think that a short time ago it was you who was standing here while I was lying there. Right after your failed attempt to terminate me. But know this dear Starscream. Our positions shall never again be reversed." And with that Megatron took his leave.

After Megatron left. Starscream began taking off all of pumps that were connected to his body. And left the room clutching his chest.

Knockout was outside check over statistics when Starscream walked out.

"Starscream, have you lost your senses? You haven't fully recuperated." The doctor said.

"Im feel fine Knockout, never better, you're a brilliant physician, NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Starscream replied as he pushed the doctor away and went on his way.

Starscream made his way to an empty hallway on the ship and from a secret compartment, pulled out a dark energon shard, the one Megatron implanted in himself originally.

"Once the blood of Unicron flows through my veins, our positions SHALL be reversed." He smiled

5 Minutes later

Starscream flew to a familiar sight, the location being where Skyquake was first emerged and to where his resting place was. Which was a pile of rocks.

After getting close to the ground he transformed and landed with the dark energon shard in hand.

"Ah, the grave site of the mighty Skyquake. So quick to reject my authority while you lived. But, as the first reanimated warriors, you shall bow to my command." He said as he broke the energon shard in half and tossed one half at the grave site which bounce of the rocks before falling through a crack. The grave started to glow a dark purple aura.

With the other shard in his hand, he plunged it into his spark chamber. He sighed with bliss and the felling of power.

"Yesss, The power of Dark energon…BE MINE!" he said as his body was engulfed in a purple fire aura.

"AAAAAHHHHHH, Symbiosis" He began laughing like a manic. "I CAN FEEL IT" he shouted as the ground became coved in dark energon.

Autobot Base

A few minutes before.

Ratchet had picked up Starscream's signature on radar back at base. But they all thought it was Megatron, continuing his evil schemes.

So Opitmus along with Bulkhead, Ironhide, Prowl, G-force, Ratchet and Velocity were chosen for the mission. Bumblebee was out on a drive with Jazz, and Arcee managed the bridge.

"Go get em Bulkhead, bring the hurt" Miko said from the rec area. Bulkhead response was pounding his fists together. Miko was drawing Optimus on her sketch pad, today she wore a black slipknot tank top with ripped jeans and her usual combat boots.

The kids looked at Miko like she was someone else. Like she had been replaced. But Miko just kept on drawing.

"That's so not like Miko to not go" Jack commented. Jack today wore a nice light blue shirt, and nice pair of jeans and white sneakers. Raf who was sitting beside him was wearing a nice orange t-shirt with forest green cargo shorts and gray sneakers

Justin who was playing video games was wearing a white t-shirt, black and red long sports shorts and black sneakers.

Once the bots transformed and headed out, Miko to the chance to run for it. Jack noticed this and him and the rest of the kids took off after Miko. But Miko was fast on her feet. She only managed to get to the base of the portal before Jack grabbed her. "It's not safe" Jack said as he grabbed her arm.

Miko growled in frustration. "I am not going to miss my first zombie-con throw down." Miko replied as she slipped from Jack's grip and headed off with the rest of the group hot on her tale. Little did they know, Miko dropped her phone.


"That's not Megatron" Bulkhead commented.

"RISE SKYQUAKE RISSSE!" Starscream shouted at the grave site as the ground started to shake.

Miko climbed up a rock pile in order to get a view of the fight that was about to go down.

"Let's see some fight of the living dead already" Miko smiled. The rest of the kids crouched down next to her.

"Miko, what were you thinking?" Jack asked in a raged voice.

"She wasn't" Raf finished, as he sat next to Jack.

"As usual" Justin said sitting next to Miko.

"Hey, I totally missed out last time. This could be my only chance to get some snaps" Miko than started to feel her pockets for her phone but it wasn't there.

"My phone, I must have left it back at base."


The Autobots advanced on Starscream. And readied their blasters.

"Starscream..." Optimus announced.
"Autobots…" replied in anger.

"…Stand down" Prime demanded as he aimed his blaster.

"…You stand down" Starscream counted and fire a rocket at the bots. The bots quickly took coved behind some large rocks, as Starscream continued his assault.

"You cannot harm me while dark energon flows through my veins!" Starscream shouted.

Ironhide get annoyed about Starscream really quick, he peeked around the rock and took aim. With a clear shot, he blasted Starscream's arm clear off.

"Bullseye." Ironhide smiled at his work. He blew some smoke off his blaster.

"Nice Shootin' Tex" G-Force complimented.

"All in a day's work" he replied and smiled.

Starscream on the other hand looked shocked after he saw his arm landed behind. He quickly ran and scooped it up and hide behind a rock. He looked towards the grave as it still glowed.

"COME ON, RISE ALREADY!" He shouted.

The Autobot started to close in on him.

"This is commander Starscream, request emergency groundbridge to my coordinates" He said over is his comm.

"I CAN"T BELIVE YOU MADE ME LOSE MY PHONE!" Miko shouted at Jack. In which all the bots turned around and saw the humans on the rock.

"Uh how is this my fault?" Jack asked.

"Uh-oh" Bulkhead stated.

"Base to Optimus, The Kids are missing"Arcee said over the comms.
"We have a visual, send the groundbridge" Prime replied.

Just then two groundbridge appeared at the end of the gorge, One by Starscream and one by the kids.

"Two?" Ratchet said to himself and began to think of what could happen if his suspicions are correct. "YOU FOUR, INTO OUR GROUND BRIDGE NOW!" Ratchet shouted.

Jack grabbed Miko and the rest headed into the portal. While Starscream entered his. Then the portal's seemed to 'feed' off the other.

"Ratchet, what is happening?" Prime questioned his old friend.

"The dueling groundbridge portals must be 'feeding' back on each other. The bots watched in horror. But Bulkhead looked scared, for the kids.

"Miko, We got to get the kids out of there" Bulkhead said as he rushed to the portal and try to get the humans, but the portal exploded sending him flying back, then another one sent all the bots flying back as the area was covered in smoke.

The humans awoke back in the gorge as they picked themselves off the ground. The bots were discussing about the portal. Ratchet said that the Groundbridge could have overloaded. Bulkhead asked if the kids made it through. The bots began talking back and forth about what happed. The humans looked as if they were not there. Miko started trying to get Bulkhead, but when Bulkhead foot went right through Miko, the human knew something was wrong. Raf said that he did not want to be a ghost. But Jack noticed that we they can still all touch each other.

The humans kept listening to the bots. Ratchet explained how the humans could have transported to unintended location. Raf, tried to figure out, where they were, he figured that they were in another dimension he dubbed 'The Shadowzone'. Miko replied with a 'nerd alert'.

Just then, the zombie con Skyquake appeared from behind the rocks and made its way towards the bots. The humans screamed out in trying to get their attention, but they could not hear, and also the zombie could not harm the bots. But since the humans and zombie were stuck in the same dimension. It could hurt them,

The beast let out a roar. And the human started to run for their lives.

The Humans ran as fast as they can in order to escape the undead con and it followed them.

While running from the older kids seemed to push themselves faster than Raf. Raf tried to keep up, but pushing himself made him trip and fall, and lose his glasses.

Jack had noticed this and went back to pick up Raf.

"Come on" Jack said as he pick Raf up and ran, while holding his hand.

"Jack, wait, my glasses" Raf said as he looked at the 2nd oldest teen. Jack looked back and saw the glasses on the ground, and the zombie con at the end of the gorge. But Jack didn't want to risk anyone going after it.

"Way to dangerous" he replied.

"But I can't see without them" Raf pleaded.

"What are you, 90?" Miko replied in an annoyed tone. Justin quick elbowed her in the arm. She looked over and saw a very annoyed expression. "You're. Not. Helping, Miko" Justin said through his teeth.

Miko sighed. "Fine." Miko quick ran off to get Raf's glasses. The boys cried out to stop Miko, but she just kept going.

As she scoped up. She looked up to see the zombie con about to squish her. She quickly jumped out of the way and into a combat roll and avoided the foot. She cheered to herself and run back around the zombie. The zombie once again tried to squish her but Miko repeated her actions again and got back to the boys, without a scratch.

She handed Raf his glasses "Here you got gramps, lets book" she said as she took off running leaving the boys dumfounded.

"Well Damm." Justin replied in amazement.

The roar of the zombie snapped the boys out of their trance and continued to follow Miko.

"Maybe we can set a trap, and try to crush it." Miko declared in hopes of trying to kill the zombie.

"With what? Nothing around here is solid except us and the ground" Raf corrected Miko.

"He's right Miko" Justin added.

"We can't run forever, but maybe we can hide." Miko replied.

"For now, let's just put as much distance as we can from this thing" Justin finished, as the kids followed him.

Autobot Base

Back at base. The Autobots were trying to figure out where the humans have been transported. Bee and Jazz have returned to base and have been informed

"Ratchet, if the children were misdirected to an unintended location, is there any way to get a fix on their coordinates" Optimus said to his old friend. Ratchet was busy trying to find a way to bring the humans back, working at the ground bridge controls.

"If they were lost, Miko would have called me by now." Bulkhead worried. Bumblebee beeped in response. "Call them? Yes" Bulkhead put is two digit to his comms and called Miko.

A ringtone blasted off the walls of the base as the bots looked around. Ironhide was the first to see it.

"Uh…Bulkhead" Ironhide tapped Bulkhead's shoulder and pointed to the phone laying on the groundbridge floor. Bulkhead sighed in disappointment. "That's why Miko hasn't phoned" he said as picked it up.

"Let me try Jack" Arcee then tried Jack. "Jack… can you hear me…nothing"


After putting much distance from the zombie, the kids took a break. At the end of a gorge

"Best thing about zombies, there slow moving" Miko began doing zombie like movements.

Just then Jack went off, and Jack quickly answered it. "Hello, Arcee…Hello A-a-Arcee…Nothing"

"Gee, imagine that, the 4th dimension has lousy cell phone reception." Miko replied.

"W-wait guys, the phone rang, were getting a sing"

"Maybe the Autobots can't hear us because…were moving at hyper speed or something.

"Do you think they can read us?" Jack said asked.

"…Texting" Raf smiled.

"It's worth a shot" Justin added.

"Jack, text me, if my phone is back at the base they'll see it" Miko said with glee.

Jack texted Miko phone back at base hoping the Autobots will see it. The Zombie con they showed its face.

"Uh… could you run and text" Raf said as the zombie was a few yards.

The humans ran through the open space between the zombie con and began to run.

"Oh come on, I can't keep running like this." Justin said as he became exhausted, and started to slow down to a walk.

"Justin come on" Miko said.

"I can't, RUN ANYMORE" he replied as he collapsed. The kids ran over to help him up

"Let me just check my phone one last time and…" Justin stopped has he felt something else. "MY MASS SHIFTER, I must have took it off when I started playing games."

"You mean you HAD THIS WITH YOU THE WHOLE TIME" Miko shouted in anger.

"Hey, listen I forget things, what your excuse, where are yours?"

"I left it at home" Miko half smiled and then frowned.

"Same here" Jack said

"I never wanted one remember" Raf added. Justin signed "When we get back I making yours Raf, and you two… keep them with you at all times. In fact bring them to me and I'll make it so it only you can use your own."

The zombies roar snapped them out of there trance.

"MOVE YOUR ASS" Justin shouted as they started run again. As they ran Miko took note of their surroundings.

"Déjà vu"

"What" Jack asked?

"This doesn't look familiar to you?"

"Not really" Jack replied

"Dude, we just ran one big circle" Miko finished before her and the rest of the kids smashed into a solid object. They looked to see a giant metal arm. And not just any arm, it belonged to Starscream.

"Sweet" Miko whispered.

"Woah" Jack added.

"It must have gotten trapped in here during the explosion too" Raf finished

The humans then heard the roar of the zombie, telling them it was not far behind

"Well if it's solid, we can use it" Jack said before a hand on the shoulder stopped him. He looked over to see Justin

"You mean something, I, can use. Stand back guys" Justin said before he used his Mass shifter and changed his sized. He walked over to the Starscream arm a held it in his hand for a few seconds before concentrating really hard in crafting the weapon he wanted. When he open his eyes, what he saw made him smile.

'The Wunderwaffe DG-2'

The zombie walked around the corner and roared when it saw the cybertroianin sized human.

Justin flipped the switch on the weapon to activate the electric wonder weapon. It buzzed to life, that signaled the user that it ready for use.

Justin took aim, and when the zombie was close. He pulled the trigger. The electric shot was release from the gun and at the zombie. The zombie was engulfed in electricity as it started to twitch. After a 3 seconds the head popped off and the zombie fell to the ground with a thud.

"Is it dead" Miko asked.

"Well the Wunderwaffe is a very power weapon, and besides, with all that electricity I think it spark exploded too. But just in case."

Justin went over to the corpse and changed the DG-2 in a AA-12 Shotgun. He pointed the gun at its chest and unloaded the entire clip into its spark camber. With a big hole in its chest, there was nothing left. The zombie was dead.

"Skyquake, we hardly knew yee." Justin smiled.

"So now that's that, Now what do we do"

"We wait for the bots" Jack said.

A few minutes later

The kids have walked around the gorge for a while before a groundbridge helped them escaped, and on the other side were the bots, who gladly took them back to base.

Miko apologized for the incident, then after the kids told the whole story before the bots sent them home.

The next day. Justin modified all the Mass shifter for the rest of the kids.

Now all the kids have a Mass Shifter and this incident will never happen again…


End Of Chapter

Please Know that your enthusiasms and support keeps this story alive and well

Please leave a Review, and feedback on what you think of this Chapter

Transformers Prime - A Teenager with A Gift (CH14)
I knew my life change after I moved to Jasper But I never could imagine how much of a change it would be after I meet this robot from space and gained these weird powers. Were both suddenly dragged into a age old war. And well be glad to help those who are here to protect us Rated T for cursing. and very funny moments. OC IS ME (Self Insert). MY TRANSFORMER OC's Belong to me


The Day After Predatory

My Pov

After the whole ordeal with Airachnid. Me, Arcee, and Jack returned to base. I noticed the time on my clock 3:00 AM. We must have been in the mountains for a long time, it only felt like 2 hours when really it was... Even 3x that amount it, the sun was setting when we arrived. But im not going to dwell on that.

Anyway, after the fight the adrenaline in me wore off and I got tired. G-Force take me home of course.

But on the way home I fell asleep. So the next day I was still in G-Force alt mode, I made my way inside and instantly got questions from my parents about where I was.

After about 10 minutes of lecturing later. I went to refresh myself with a nice shower.

I decided to stay home today, away from base, and lucky I didn't have work today ether.

G-Force was called back to base for an Energon mission. So I was alone.

Few Hours Later

It was 6:00 PM

I had just finished dinner and went back to playing games by my desk, until G-Force came knocking on my door.

"Come in" I said.

"Yo" He said in his holo-form as he entered.

"So what's up" I asked. He groaned in exhaustion and flopped on my bed behind.

"Ugh it's just so tiring sometimes, I like fighting cons, but sometimes it's just too much, you know?... Speaking of 'fighting cons' I heard what you did last night with that huntress of a spiderbot" he smiled.

"W-What do you mean"

"For kicking her ass last night, Up Top" he replied with his hand raised.

"YEAHHH" I said and gave him a high five.

"So how did you do it" He asked me.

"You remember that old PS2 Fighting game I got for Christmas?" I smiled.

"You mean Def Jam Fight For NY?"

"Yep. I made a device that allowed me to fight like the characters in game, with all the moves and blazin moves too."

"So who did you pick?"

"Sticky Fingaz" I smiled.

"OOOHHH, his Blazin move is brutal, so did you use that on Airachnid" he asked as he sat up from the bed.

"Yep, the whole thing exactly, I can't believe it ether, but it was awesome, even got all the fighting skills too on the device, so in a sense, I can fight just like any character from the game, pretty cool if you ask me.

"Aw Damm I wish I could have seen the fight, I bet you wiped the floor with her too" he smiled.

"Well she did get in a few hits, both of our faces were covered in bruises, dents, cuts, and blood, and my face hurt for little bit."

"So you let her get a few hits in" he smiled

"Hell NO, she got angry before hitting with an onslaught of punches." I defended. "So she would eventually find her away around my block"

"So, what do you think about Airachnid?"

"She a good fighter, I'll give her that"

"No stupid, what do you 'think' about her" G-Force smiled.

"I-I-Wh-Uh" I stuttered

"Remember that time I showed you that Playbot Magazine on my data-pad." He continued smiling at me. "You couldn't stop looking at all the femmes on there."

"Yeah so what if I do. You can't stop looking at human female models too you know" I retaliated.

"So it looks we reached an impasse. I wonder what Arcee would say or do if she found out"

"Ok, fine, I think she looks ok, so what?" I replied.

"Listen, Im not saying anything, you said it"

"Shut Up! Your one to talk considering I see the way you look at Velocity all the time"

"Sure fine whatever, you think that spider huntress is hot"

"When you see Airachnid next time, tell her she looking good" He smiled


G-Force laughed

End Of Chapter

Please Know that your enthusiasms and support keeps this story alive and well

Please leave a Review, and feedback on what you think of this Chapter

Transformers Prime - A Teenager with A Gift (CH13)
I knew my life change after I moved to Jasper But I never could imagine how much of a change it would be after I meet this robot from space and gained these weird powers. Were both suddenly dragged into a age old war. And well be glad to help those who are here to protect us Rated T for cursing. and very funny moments. OC IS ME (Self Insert). MY TRANSFORMER OC's Belong to me


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